Should I renovate my house? Home renovation has become a normal phenomenon among many British citizens. Everyone has a reason for renovating their home. Some do it due to the growing number in their family, some to increase the phase value of their property and some to make their home look more modern, homely and to their taste. Others have made a business out of buying properties in need of refurbishment at a cheap price with the notion of renovating them to save money and sell them at a later date hopefully to make a good profit.

How to cope with builders at home:

Whatever reason you have for renovating your home, it is always important to put your well-being and that of your family’s first. How do you cope with builders at home? The first thing you will think of is to cover all valuables in the house and afterwards find a way to have normal days at home regardless of the chaotic situation in your home at that moment.

Should you consider moving into a fastlet property in the short-term where the rent is charged week by week?

Your friends who wish you well financially will advise you to try and work your daily life and routine around the builders at home in order for you to save money on short stay apartments or accommodations? They may even scare you by reminding you of how expensive self-catering accommodations can be. Your friends mean well, that is what friends are for but have you thought of the health issues that you and your family will face should you decide to stay at your home while the builders do their jobs?

Consider your health:

Did you know construction dust brings about diseases such as lung cancer, silicosis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder? According to research, dust-related diseases may be the cause of over 500 deaths every year. How about if you have an asthmatic in your household? Dust that comes from construction materials such as gypsum, cement, limestone, marble, dolomite and wood create a higher probability of triggering an asthma attack. According to research, the UK has 5.5 million asthmatics and that 1237 people died of asthma in 2016, deaths which were avoidable.

Home renovation sometimes takes weeks

depending on your needs and size of your home, so how do you cope with builders at home during this period? This is our answer for you, “cover and locks up all your valuable at a safe place in your home and then look for an affordable self-catering and furnished accommodation for you and your family.

Affordable fastlet accommodation:

Your health and that of your family are more important than some few hundreds of pounds. If you happen to be in Sussex, you can find an affordable self-catering and fully furnished apartments or accommodations in the Crawley and Horsham area at very affordable prices. Most of these accommodations have been well presented to suit your family’s need. Why don’t you put your health and your family first and give it a try? Remember, your health always comes first.
Good luck.