Terms & Conditions of Stay

The purpose of these terms is to confirm the agreement between us and you. Should you proceed with either (1) the commencement your stay; or (2) the placement of a third party into our accommodation at your behest; or (3) receipt of payment in advance of payment due; this will be deemed as your acceptance of these terms.

1. Matters of interpretation
Please note all references to:

“Fastlet”; “Carylls Country House”; “Carylls”; “we”; “us” and the like should (unless the context otherwise provides) be read and construed as referring to: (1) (in respect of all matters relating to the property known and referred to as 21 Carylls Cottages also known and referred to as The Chalet and as more particularly described below) Janice Jhurry, Daniel Wright and Danielle Jhurry-Wright trading as the Fastlet Partnership, care of Carylls Country House, Faygate Lane, Faygate, Near Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4SN; and
(2) (in all other contexts and cases) Janice Jhurry, trading as Fastlet and Fastlet.com;
whose principle place of business is at Carylls Country House, Faygate Lane, Faygate, Near Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4SN;

“You”; “Your” and the like should be read and construed (unless the context otherwise provides) as meaning the party who is responsible for paying our charges, (which shall include a body corporate, local authority, or such other entity as the context so admits) who will be the party responsible for compliance with these terms and any conditions jointly and severally alongside the occupants of the Apartment/Studio and/or regulations set out ancillary to these terms (as notified to You from time to time) and wherein it is deemed to be Your responsibility to ensure that the said occupants are aware of these terms and conditions;
“Apartment/Studio” means the accommodation that is the subject of Your booking throughout the period of Your stay or occupancy by someone placed by You and may include more than one unit of accommodation in the event that You book more than one Apartment/Studio or in the event that the occupancy affects more than on Apartment/Studio (such as if You move to an alternative Apartment/Studio during your stay);
“Premises” means in the context of those occupants at:
(1) Carylls Country House should be read and construed as the whole of the land and buildings, including all common areas, communal gardens, outbuildings, car parks, drive and accessways at Carylls Country House; and
(2) 21 Carylls Cottages (also known and referred to as The Chalet) should be read and construed as the whole of the land and buildings, including all common areas, communal gardens, outbuildings, car parks, drive and accessways at that property; and
(3) In the context of any other property occupied, should be read and construed as the whole of the land and buildings, including all common arears, communal gardens, outbuildings, car parks, drives and accessways forming part of that property used exclusively or in common with other uses;

2. Charges:
2.1 You will receive email correspondence from Us confirming the weekly rate applicable to Your booking (“Charges”).
2.2 Charges are payable weekly in advance.
2.3 We require the minimum of one week’s Charges paid in advance (calculated from and including the date of occupation) which must be received in cleared funds before occupation (or as otherwise specified in correspondence between us).
2.4 Payment must be made by direct Bank Transfer to those Bank details that are specified on the invoice that will be sent to You.
2.5 We will invoice you in advance each week thereafter provided that should occupancy commence on a non-working day (in England) payment will be demanded on the Friday.
2.6 We reserve the right to charge You (at our absolute discretion) an additional administration fee of £65.00 at the point of booking.
2.7 We reserve the right to alter the Charges payable provided that we shall provide you with not less than 10 days’ notice (which shall include email) of any increase to our Charges.
2.8 You will not be entitled to offset any sums against our Charges due.
2.9 All sums quoted are exclusive of VAT (if any) however, Fastlet is not registered for VAT at this time.

3. Cancellation:

(a) Cancellation Before Arrival
Cancellation more than 7 days prior to arrival will be refundable subject to the deduction of an administration fee of £30.00.
In the event that You cancel within the 7 days prior to arrival (but before the commencement of occupancy) will not be entitled to a refund on any payments made in advance.

(b) Termination of Booking after Arrival
Once occupancy has commenced, You must provide us with not less than 7 days’ notice in writing (which may include email to apartments@fastlet.com) of your intention to terminate and in that notice, you will specify the date on which You/the occupant will vacate (“Vacation Date”);
PROVIDED THAT You have complied with this notice provisions above, we will refund you for any Charges received by us for the period after (but excluding) the Vacation Date.
All refunds will be paid by Bank Transfer to those Bank Details provided by You, however, we are not responsible for validating those details with you.

(c) Cancellation by Us
We may cancel Your stay any time up to the commencement of occupation, without any notice; Once occupancy has commenced, we may cancel Your stay upon the provision of not less than 7 days’ notice (which need not be in writing) wherein we shall refund to you promptly any Charges paid in advance for the period after the expiry date of the said notice;
SAVE FOR (1) in the case of an emergency rending the Apartment/Studio or the Premises as unusable, or in the case of access and egress to the Apartment/Studio or Premises being unpassable; or (2) in the case of a material and/or persistent breach of these terms and conditions; or (3) if an occupant is or becomes (or we have reasons to suspect that an occupant is or may become) a Restricted Person; or (4) Charges have not been paid in advance within 10 days of them becoming due (whether formally demanded or not) WHEREIN no notice shall be required to so terminate Your stay and furthermore no refund of any Charges paid for the period after the cessation of occupancy shall be due to You.

4. Restricted Persons and Occupancy Restrictions

A) You must specify when sending your confirmation of booking the number of occupants that will be taking up Occupation (which we must approve) and thereafter the number of persons permitted to occupy the Apartment/Studio is limited to the number of clients agreed upon.
B) You will ensure (and we will assume that you have made appropriate due enquiries to check) that no occupant of the Apartment/Studio:
(a) has been either convicted of or is suspected pending criminal investigation of any offences related to (1) arson; and/or (2) any sexual offences; and/or (3) any offices involving children; and/or
(b) is an asylum seeker
(hereinafter the “Restricted Persons”);
And in the event that any occupant who is not a Restricted Person then becomes a Restricted Person during their stay, You will ensure their immediate removal from the Apartment/Studio and will fully indemnify us against all direct and indirect all liabilities, expenses, costs (including but not limited to any solicitors’, surveyors’ or other professionals’ costs and expenses, and any VAT on them, assessed on a full indemnity basis), claims, damages and losses (including but not limited to any diminution in the value of Fastlet’s interest in the Premises and loss of amenity of the Premises) suffered or incurred by Fastlet arising out of or in connection with Your failure to so remove that Restricted Person on a full indemnity basis.
C) You will confirm the names and date of birth (in the case of minors) of all occupants of the Apartment/Studio before the commencement of their occupancy and you will disclose to us (in writing which shall include email) any details that might reasonably affect their occupancy (including but not limited to all criminal convictions of a violent, drug or alcohol nature and the like);

5. Late payment:
Payment of Charges is due in accordance with the invoice you will receive. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 8% above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc in the event of payment after the due date so specified.

6. Arrival and Departure times:
Apartments/Studios are available from 2pm on the day of arrival.
Apartments/Studios must be vacated by the occupant by 10am on the day of departure.

7. Occupancy Regulations:
You must ensure that all occupants and Your visitors agents or those on the Premises and/or in the Apartment/Studio:
1) Keep the Apartment/Studio in the same state of repair and condition as it was on the commencement date of the occupation SUBJECT TO reasonable wear and tear;
2) Keep the Apartment/Studio reasonably ventilated and ensure that the heating is on when reasonable;
3) Do not hang or expose clothes or other articles within the Apartment/Studio and only utilise the communal drying facilities located in the communal gardens;
4) Do not obstruct, cover, block up any window vents or extractor fans or boilers;
5) Do not obstruct, cover, block up or place items on or near to any heaters or boilers;
6) Only cook in the designated kitchen areas and nowhere else (including but not limited to the outside areas);
7) Do not bring or keep any inflammable, explosive, dangerous or offensive substances or goods onto the Premises or into the Apartment/Studio (except fuel in the fuel tank of any private motor vehicle parked in any Parking Space);
8) Do not flush or dispose of any materials down the toilets (including but not limited to sanitary products, wet wipes, nappies and the like which must be disposed of in the outside bins) other than soil and toilet paper;
9) Do not bring any animals, reptiles or birds into the Apartment/Studio or onto the Premises without our express permission (which must be in writing and can be revoked at any time) and only then subject to our Pet Policy;
10) Do not make or allow noise that can be heard outside of the Apartment/Studio at any time;
11) Utilise all appliances safely and in line with the manufacturers guidance and recommendations;
12) Do not smoke anywhere on the Premises except for any specifically designated smoking areas (and any ash and smoking detritus will only be disposed of utilising the ashtrays provided);
13) Do not light any candles or allow naked flames to be lit at the Premises;
14) Do not vape in the Apartment/Studio;
15) Do not bring onto the Premises or use any portable storage heaters or other electrical appliances;
16) Do not bring any illegal or banned substances onto the Premises whatsoever;
17) Do not to do anything which might cause a nuisance or annoyance to Us or any other users of the Premises, or Our neighbours;
18) Do not to overload any electrical outlets, nor bring any extension leads or adaptors designed to increase the power outlet of any sockets at the Premises;
19) Do not overload any structural parts of the Premises or the Apartment/Studio nor any service conduits;
20) Not to do anything which may cause any insurance of the Premises to become void or voidable or which may cause an increased premium to be payable in respect of it;
21) Comply with all requirements and regulations of our Buildings Insurers and all rules and regulations that We may specify from time to time in the interests of good management of the Premises;
22) Keep and deposit rubbish in suitably wrapped and sealed refuse sacks/containers and ensure that all rubbish is regularly removed from the Apartment/Studio and ensure that it is placed in the designated rubbish bins only;
23) immediately report any issues relating to damage to the Premises or wear and tear at the Premises to Us;
24) Comply with our Pet Policy where applicable as notified to you;
25) Do not make or allow any alterations or additions to the Apartment/Studio nor to damage or injure it, nor to fix nails, screws, hooks or adhesive materials to any interior or exterior surface at the Premises, nor to bring or remove any furniture, fixtures and/or fittings;
26) Only use the Apartment/Studio and the wider Premises for residential use and not for any trade or business whatsoever and only to use any Parking Spaces for the parking of private, roadworthy vehicles belonging to the occupant and for no other purposes;
27) Do not bring any bicycles, scooters or mobility scooters into the Premises nor store the same inside the Apartment/Studio;
28) Do not obstruct, cover, remove or otherwise tamper with any fire/heat detection or safety equipment and to report any apparent issues or faults with any such equipment to us immediately;
29) Ensure that all children and/or vulnerable persons are properly supervised and are in the care of an appropriate adult at all times and are never left unattended;
30) Comply with all laws relating to the Apartment/Studio and the Premises and its use by the occupants
31) Do not use any communal areas for anything other than their designated purpose, including but not limited to the communal gardens which are to be used for recreational enjoyment only and not to play or loiter on the communal areas other than in areas so designated by Fastlet for recreational use, nor to make avoidable noise in any communal areas; and furthermore to ensure that all recreational toys and sporting equipment used is done so safely and away from any parts of the building.

8. Loss and Damage
No responsibility is accepted for: (1) any injury or death to persons (save as cannot be excluded by law) and/or (2) any loss or damage whatsoever occasioned to your possessions, contents, furniture and fittings or any personal other belongings.
We recommend that You arrange your own insurance against such risks and personal items as they consider necessary.
Our maximum aggregate liability to You shall not exceed £10,000 unless we agree otherwise in writing.

We will not be liable for:
• losses that were not foreseeable to you and us when this contract was formed; and/or
• losses not caused by any breach on the part Fastlet; and/or
• business losses, including losses sustained by any individual not acting for purposes of their trade, business, craft or profession.

9. Allocated Car Parking Space
Each Apartment/Studio benefits from the non-exclusive use of one car parking space which is designated and marked by reference to the Apartment/Studio Number (“Parking Space”). This Parking Space should be used by one, roadworthy private vehicle which has an MOT certificate if required and which is in the regular use of the occupant only. No parking other than in the allocated space (and We reserve the right to alter the space allocation at Our discretion). No maintenance works to vehicles is to be undertaken at the Premises.

10. Visitors
10.1 Visitors are only allowed on the Premises between the hours of 8am and 8pm, provided that You will make Us aware of their attendance at the Premises and subject always to the provisions of paragraph 10.3 below;
10.2 No overnight visitors are permitted whatsoever and in any circumstances;
10.3 We reserve the right at Our absolute discretion to (a) ask any visitors to the Premises to leave immediately; (b) withdraw permission for You to have visitors on the Premises; and/or (c) permanently exclude any persons from visiting the Premises.

11. Keys
One set of Keys for the Apartment/Studio will be provided.
Please report all lost keys to us immediately. Loss of keys will be charge at £50.00 per key.

12. Utilities & Broadband services
Your Charges are all inclusive of reasonable and fair usage of the utilities and broadband that are available at the Premises SAVE for Electricity which shall be payable separately, as set out hereinafter.
We shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide such utilities and broadband, however we cannot accept any liability for interruption of services that are outside of our reasonable control provided that regards broadband, we do not guarantee the availability, or quality of such broadband services.
Users will not access illegal or immoral websites and we reserve the right to restrict access to any website and/or Your use of the broadband network.
Your Apartment/Studio is separately metered. Electricity is charged at the prevailing rate (currently £0.31 per kilowatt hour) payable in advance immediately upon demand, unless agreed otherwise between us in writing.

13. Access
Please note that We inspect each Apartment/Studio on a weekly basis and furthermore, We reserve the right to access to the Apartment/Studio with or without personnel, agents and/or third parties at all reasonable times and upon the provision of reasonable notice (which need not be in writing) SAVE for such weekly inspections which are scheduled and in the case of emergency, when no notice shall be required and access shall be deemed as immediately permitted.

14. Other matters
In the event that any provision detailed herein is deemed invalid then it shall be treated as invalid, its invalidity shall not prejudice the validity of the other provisions as set out here.
These terms are governed by the Courts of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
June 2023