Terms & Conditions of Stay

This agreement is between you and Carylls Country House.

Fastlet.com Carylls Country House, Faygate Lane, Faygate, Near Horsham, West Sussex RH124SN.


Please note that Carylls Country House is not a hotel, bed and breakfast, or guest house, and does not have a reception desk or reception staff nor porter services; it is a weekly let serviced accommodation business that runs on par with hotels and you therefore have no security of Tenure whatsoever irrespective of the passage of time.

Carylls will assume that you have read and understood this document.

If you have any queries, please contact the management in writing prior to your occupation of an apartment, otherwise, Carylls will assume that you agree with the terms and conditions herein. All of our emails are sent with a request of both delivery and receipt as proof of delivery to you.


Carylls is a weekly let business; you are charged by the week only, each and every week and not on an individual day basis. You are charged on the anniversary day of your arrival except if you arrive at the weekend when your payment will be collected on the Friday of each week.


When you vacate, your day of vacating should coincide with your day of arrival. Should you vacate prematurely, you will be charged for the full week. For example, if you arrive on a Monday, your last day will be 10am on the Monday you vacate. If you leave before, you are still liable to the full week’s payment.

Note: a charge of £20.00 is made on all refunds; however, if your refund amounts to less than £20.00 you will not be charged the balance.

1.     Accommodation & Location

Our Accommodation is furnished with fully equipped kitchens. The number of persons permitted to occupy each Apartment/Studio is limited to the number of clients agreed upon booking. This is confirmed once payment has been received.

2.     Arrival Check-in time:

Apartments are available from 2pm on the day of arrival until 10am on the day of departure. You will have been provided with all relevant information about your stay. You will self-check-in as we do not operate a meet and greet.

2 A.   Credit and or Debit Cards:

1 Valid credit card and 1 valid debit credit card should be lodged with Carylls. Sage pay will keep all your data secured. The address where the cards are registered is also required.

3.     Block Bookings

We offer an open-ended stay agreement with you whenever possible.

You are contracted to stay for the duration of your booking or make payment in lieu. You can extend your stay giving a minimum of 1 full weeks’ notice (7days). Extension of stay is not always guaranteed.

Where possible, book your duration of stay for the number of weeks you require; request additional time as soon as you know your requirement. Should you need your accommodation for an unlimited length of time, you are still able to book one week at a time. Minimum length of stay is 1 full week. 1 full week notice (7 days) of your intention to vacate is required. This in non-negotiable.

4.     (a)   Cancellation Before Arrival

Cancellation more than 7 days prior to arrival will incur deduction of admin joining fee of £65.00 + £20.00 refund charges. The prepayment of Accommodation charges, electricity credit and cleaning fee will be refunded. There is a £20.00 refund admin fee.

However, if you have asked us to hold the accommodation and paid the £165.00 holding fee this will not be refunded.

Notice of cancellation of stay given less than 7 days will incur 1 week’s payment of accommodation charges + £65.00 admin fee

(b)   Termination of Booking after Arrival

Apartments are let on a weekly basis only, not part-week. For Cancellation of booking within 7 days of arrival date no refund will be given, the leaving date should coincide with the weekly payment date (the anniversary day of your arrival) as above.  

Should you decide to give notice within the agreed period of stay then you should give 7 days’ clear notice of your intention to vacate the accommodation which should coincide with the weekly payment date (the anniversary day of your arrival) i.e. Day of arrival Monday, Day of leaving Monday 10am.

If you give less than 7 days’ notice your debit/credit card will be charged one full week’s payment in lieu of insufficient notice.

(c) Tenure:

Carylls is a weekly let Business; you have no security of Tenure whatsoever nor does this agreement constitute a tenancy agreement.

(d) Late payment:

Your accommodation charges are due to be paid by 10a.m. each week on the anniversary of your arrival day. Note it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate funds to discharge your account.

Late payment not received on the due date by 10 a.m. reminders are charged at the rate of £20.00 per reminder.

(e) Occupiers Responsibility of care:

You must take reasonable care of the Property. This includes (but is not limited to): taking reasonable steps to keep the Property adequately ventilated and heated so as to prevent damage from condensation.

Carylls was completely renovated, all windows were replaced with double glazed units and all walls and ceilings insulated, all heating was also replaced.

Therefore, it is the occupiers’ responsibility to ensure that they:

·     Allow air to circulate freely by opening curtains during daylight hours.

·     Wipe excess condensation from windows, tiles, mirrors etc daily.

·     Heat the accommodation adequately.

·     Not over crowd the premises with additional furniture, nor use the premises as a storage repository.

·     Not overcrowding the accommodation by allowing extra guests or pets to stay.

·     Ensure the trickle vents on windows are opened.

·     Not dry towels, bedding or clothing on or near the radiators.

·     Not dry laundry on racks or airers inside or outside the premises,

·     Not dry laundry on the furniture, over doors, wardrobes or out of windows.

·     Use the washer dryers supplied in the apartments or in the onsite launderette.

·     Open windows and or using the bathroom fans when showering or bathing.

·     Close en suite or bathroom doors when showering, bathing etc.

·      Dispose of all rubbish in an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time and take it to the rubbish keep at the top of the car park. Not leave it in the accommodation, nor put it in the bins in the communal kitchens or elsewhere.


5.     No smoking or naked flames to include candles

Please note that smoking, naked flames and candles are strictly forbidden in your accommodation and all parts of the building. Ashtrays are sited at the front and back of the building.

6. No Smoking Policy

Carylls Country House operates a strict No Smoking policy

The only location within our grounds where smoking is permitted is outside in the car-park by the sign labelled ‘Smoking Area’.

As of July 1st 2007, smoking in any public place is against the law.

We reserve the right if we find any evidence or believe that any of our guests have been smoking within any part of Carylls Country House premises (this includes the smell of cigarettes in rooms or cigarette butts found outside bedroom windows) to add £200 to the bill for the expense to us for loss of earnings, the dry cleaning of curtains, bedding, and carpet cleaning, etc. If you are part way through your stay at Carylls Country House, you will be asked to leave the premises with no refund being given.

This statement is due notice of these charges. This smoking policy forms part of our terms and conditions and is covered by the legally binding contract you are agreeing to enter into by booking accommodation with us. By entering into this contract, you are authorising us to make the above charges to your registered card without any additional consent being required.

Please remember this is not just the accommodation provider’s policy – this is the LAW and we would be within our rights to contact the local police and the guest would be liable for a fine of up to a £1000 for smoking in a designated non-smoking area which is classed as a public place by law.


7.     Toilets

Carylls is not connected to mains drainage and we therefore request thar you please only put toilet paper in the toilet; anything else will block the Klargester sewage system. This includes wipes and other feminine products. Each apartment has a separate manhole system which traces the blockage should one occur.

8.     Loss and Damage

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to contents, furniture and fittings or any personal belongings. Please arrange your own insurance against such risks and personal items as they consider necessary. Report any damage as it occurs so that estimates can be obtained as soon as possible. Repair or replacement of like for like is your responsibility. If there is any damage please report it when checking out in order to avoid claim disputes.

9.     Allocated Car Parking Space

Your allocated Car Parking Space corresponds with your studio/apartment number. Should you require a second space one will be allocated to you free of charge only if available. IMPORTANT: Please do not park in any other space except your own as it causes inconvenience to others.

10.  Payment and Deposit:

If you are paying by debit or credit card there will be no charge added by the credit card company.

For Corporate clients, only – if you are paying by direct debit then we will take a refundable deposit of £250. We will also require a debit/credit card and will take the first electricity payment from the card. 

On checkout, your accommodation will be inspected and the cleaner will be booked to carry out a full and thorough clean.

Please do not offer to do the final clean yourself in lieu of your cleaning charges as Carylls must adhere to a very strict standard of cleaning in order to comply with mandatory regulations.

Note: pet owners – please see the pet policy in this agreement for deposit details.

All Carylls linen will be laundered, ironed and replaced. The hourly rate for the cleaner, the laundering and ironing. Plus, Oven, Hob and Fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher will be steam cleaned and form part of the £50.00, that along with the cleaner’s charges will be collected from your pre-paid checkout cleaning charge. Should the cleaner spend more than 2 hours cleaning, should there be any damages, they will be charged to you.

11a.  Rubbish

The Rubbish Keep, to include the recycling bins, are at the top of the car park near Car-Parking Slot No 16, by the barn, behind the low wooden fence. Please take your rubbish to the bins for disposal. Do not leave rubbish in your accommodation it is insanitary and will attract Mice and Rats.

11b. Repairs & Servicing

As a large number of you are at Carylls long-term. If you require any repairs to be carried out, light bulbs replacing, borrow a vacuum cleaner, etc, please leave a note in the letter box of the door marked “staff only” by the back kitchen.

12.  Restrictions imposed on all lettings

Not to make any alteration or addition to the Apartment nor to damage or injure it, nor to fix nails, screws, hooks or adhesive materials to any interior or exterior surface.

Not to use the Apartment for any illegal or immoral purpose or for any purpose which does or may cause a nuisance or annoyance to us or any neighbouring occupiers, and in addition no pets will be allowed without consent. If consent is given and if there are any complaints whatsoever by any neighbour or by us for any reason, then the pet(s) is to be immediately removed from the Apartment. The owner of the pet will remain fully responsible for any damage caused by the pet(s) to the Apartment or communal areas. The owner shall also pay for a professional carpet and upholstery clean on their departure.

Not to assign, underlet, charge, part or share possession or occupation of the Apartment or any part of it.

Not to alter or install any locks on any door or window in or about the Apartment to have any additional keys made for any locks.

Weekly checks will be done on all apartments to verify that everything is intact.

13.  Keys

On arrival, your door will be unlocked with your keys inside your accommodation. The front and back entrance doors are not locked.

Loss of keys will be charge at £80.00 per key.

Upon vacating please leave the keys in your Apartment; text 07920090216 to say that you have vacated if no arrangements have been made for a representative to meet you.

14.  Weekly Cleaning and housekeeping.

Your charges do not include cleaning and housekeeping. Should you need these services please feel free to make your own arrangement with local cleaners. There are a number of them in the local publications.  

15.  Linen

Please feel free to bring and use your own linen. This will avoid end of stay laundry and ironing charges.

If this is not possible, we will be happy to supply linen. When you arrive, your bed/beds will be made up. If you do bring your own linen, please remake your bed using your own linen and return ours.

Just mail or text the office for us to arrange collection or do feel free to store the linen.

16.  Furniture & Decor

Please do not move the furniture and be careful not to damage the decor.

17.  Minimum Length of Stay

Our minimum let is 1 full week, each and every week not part thereof.

18.  Furniture, Furnishings & Facilities

1.        Your Apartment is fully furnished and include everything you need:

·       Fully fitted and equipped kitchen.

·       White goods.

·       Sitting room and bedroom.

·       Television with DVD player.

·       Bedding, linen and towels.

2.        Complimentary broadband.

3.        Private on-site allocated car parking.

4.        Council tax.

5.        Television licence

6.        Water rates.

7.        Sewage.

8.        Use of five-acre communal Gardens.

9.        Upkeep of communal areas.

10.    Onsite coin operated Laundry.

11.    All service charges.

Your electricity is metered and payable in advance to the electricity provider. Top-ups is be obtained by WhatsApp request.

19.  Electricity credit & Top up.

·     Your electricity is topped up during the hours of 8am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Please text or WhatsApp to request. Minimum top up is £50.00. There are no top up facilities in the evenings, weekends and Bank holidays.

·     Electricity is credited only once payment has been received.

·     The minimum payment is £50.00 either by card or cash in the safe. If you use the safe, please ensure that payment is made before the you make the request. The safe will only be accessed once you have informed us that money needs to be collected.

·     Please be aware that though there is an orange emergency button on your meter which will provide £10.00 emergency credit. Once used, no further credit is available until payment is received. When payment is made, the emergency credit will be deducted first.

·     It is your responsibility to check your meter on a regular basis.

·     In your hand book, there is advice of how to look after your electricity and avoid wastage.

If you run out of electricity, press the emergency button on your meter and this will give you £10.00 credit (IMPORTANT – immediately purchase more credit via your App). Upon payment, your smart meter is topped up remotely.  If you need to pay in cash, place the payment (in an envelope marked with your apartment number) in the deep mail box of the door marked internal mail at the bottom of the stairs next to room 23 on the ground floor front entrance and send a message via your app to let the office us know to process your electricity credit. Make sure the envelope has dropped to the bottom. It is a deep safe; if envelopes are left sticking out, it will be your responsibility for loss of payment. Payment of accommodation charges in cash

can also be made this way.

The top up electricity amount can be between £50 – £90. Whatever credit is left on your meter when you vacate will be refunded to you.

Top ups are during office hours only between 9am and 4pm weekdays, not on weekends and bank holidays. The meter has no moving parts and is tamper proof.

Your electricity supply is fitted with a circuit Breaker. Please do not overload the sockets to avoid tripping off your meter.

If you lose power to your apartment after plugging in an appliance, unplug that appliance and reset the fuse board as shown in the diagram below to restore your power.

21.  Receipts

Receipts are not provided. Your bank statement serves as proof of payment collected. You are provided with a record of payment for you to check your account against your bank statement. Complete Boxes F G H I J and keep the sheet for your records. We keep an identical one and complete it each time our accounts office collects a payment. This minimises/avoids errors and simplifies queries. Most important of all, this allows you to keep a running total of all payments made, dates, and amounts.

22.   Extending your Stay:

Please book the number of weeks you require. Should you need to extend your stay beyond this period of time, let us know as soon as possible. Carylls will do its best to accommodate you. We love you to stay with us, so do not blame us if we can’t accommodate you due to last minute request. 

23.  Mail and Postal Address

Your postal address is Apartment : Carylls Country House, Faygate, West Sussex, RH12 4SN.

The post is delivered (except for Sundays) by 1pm daily; please collect yours from the red post box at the front.  Make arrangements to sign and collect your parcels as well. Please do not use this post box for outbound mail.

Please do not use Carylls as a business address.  All business mail is returned to sender.

24.  Picnic Area

The Picnic area is positioned on the top lawn. Please feel free to bring your family and friends to have a picnic or BBQ. Disposable BBQ’s are recommended, however please take care in disposing these when the ashes are still hot. For all food remains and rubbish please use the bins at the top of the car-park. Enjoy yourself. 

25.  Broadband

Broadband is complimentary and therefore not included in your charges. It is supplied for you to check your emails. In the countryside where we are, the speed does vary and can be slow at times. Carylls is not held responsible for the strengths of the service or should the supply fail. Please feel free to explore use of Dongle etc.

There is no password. It is meant for sending and receiving e mails, the band width will not support file sharing or streaming data. Please be aware that the Broadband performance can be affected by extreme weather such as storms. For safety, you may consider purchasing a MiFi.

In certain parts of the building there are access points. Please do not tamper with them as you will cut the service to the whole house and it will not be restored until after an engineer has been contracted to re set it which may take several days.

26.  Windows

1.            On the Windows taskbar, you will see a wireless network icon like the one below. Click on it.

A window with available network connections will open.

1.       Refresh the list of available networks.

2.       To connect, double click on the Carylls Wi-Fi network with the strongest signal strength.

iPad, iPhone etc:

1.       Go to Settings

2.       Select Wi-Fi

To connect, select the Carylls wifi network with the strongest signal strength

27.  Communal Kitchen

There is a communal kitchens housing 2 cookers with full size ovens in total. The electricity supply is not charged of use of the kitchen. It is situated on the ground floor by the back door. Please keep the kitchen clean and tidy after use for the next person. Do not leave pots and pans in the sink.

28.  Laundry.

All the Apartments are fitted with a washer/dryer, iron and ironing board. For those who are occupying Studio 6,7,8, 12 and 29 there is a coin operated washer dryer in the communal kitchen. If for any reason the communal laundrette is out of service, use outside facilities. Should you take the iron or ironing board to your accommodation, please return them after use. The washing machine takes £1 coins which last for 17 minutes, therefore multiply your chosen Wash load/Drying length accordingly. At the top of the lawn there is rotary washing line. Please feel free to use it weather permitting.

Please do not hang your clothes out of the windows or on racks close to your Apartment, or radiators or furniture. This is unsightly and rots the carpet and furniture.

In the apartments, should your washer/dryer break down – please notify the Carylls by email and use the launderette.  

29.  Local Area

There are several Supermarkets in the vicinity, the nearest being M&S at Pease Pottage, which is open 7am-10pm 7 days per week. It is in the Pease Pottage Services; the post code is RH11 9YA

Apart from Horsham and Crawley, there are shopping facilities at Bewbush, Broadfield (on the way to Crawley) and Roffey (on the way to Horsham). There is a small post office and general store in Rusper, the next village to Faygate – Phone: 01293 871366. Please check the post code on line for your satellite navigation.

The new Morrison has now opened in Crawley.

Gastro Pubs Nearby:

The Holmbush pub is down in the village of Faygate.

The Lamb pub is: out of our gates, turn left, and turn right at the 1st junction, and you will get to the pub on right.

The Star Pub & the Plough: out of our gates, turn left, and you will get to these pubs after 1 mile or so.


Raj Express, 11 Dorsten Square, Bewbush, RH11 8XW. Tel :01293 406070 or 01293 404070.

Golden Curry, 7a East Street, Horsham RH12 1HH. Tel: 01403 243591. They will deliver.

The Golden Dragon, 14 Fitzalan Rd, Roffey RH13 6AA. 01403 265100.

Doctor’s Surgery:

The nearest doctors’ surgery is Bewbush Medical Centre, Bewbush Place, Bewbush RH11 8XT. Tel: 0844 4771813. Please note that although this is the nearest surgery and you can get to it via the bus which stops outside Carylls, we are not in their catchment area and they may not see you. Please call first.

Holbrook Surgery, Bartholomew Way, Horsham RH12 5Jl. Tel: 0845 815815. This is our allocated surgery but you will need your own car or to take a taxi as it is not on a bus route and is quite a distance from Carylls.

Boots Pharmacy is opposite in the parade of shops, plus a Dental surgery, Chiropodists and Hairdressers.

Accident & Emergency services are at East Surrey Hospital, Canada Avenue, Redhill RH1 5RH. Tel 01737768511

There is a drop-in centre at Crawley Hospital, West Green Drive RH11 7DH. Tel: 01293 600300.

Health Telephone Advice: NHS Direct Tel 0845 4647 for advice and information.

Leisure Centre:

Crawley: K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley RH11 9BQ. Tel: 01293 585300

Horsham: Pavilions in the Park, Hurst Road, Horsham RH12 2DF. Tel: 01403 750220


Crawley: The Hawth, Hawth Avenue, Crawley RH10 6YZ Tel 01293 552941

Horsham: The Capitol, North Street, Horsham RH12 1RG Tel 01403 750220

Public Transport:

Trains from Faygate Station are run by Southern Railway. Tel: 08457 484950 for information www.southernrailway.com.

Metro bus 200 runs regularly from Faygate Roundabout on the A264, between 07.00 & 19.30. It travels between Horsham Bus station and Gatwick Airport via Crawley. There is also a bus that runs every half hour, day and evening, from Bewbush.


Crawley Firms: Alpha Cars 01293 400600.

Horsham Firms: Horsham Taxis 01403 254448; ABC taxis 01403 266666 

AAA2B Taxis 01403 242424 

30.  Bicycles

Please leave all bicycles outside the building including those belonging to children. In the Bike rack close to the rear entrance door. Please do not bring them into your Apartment or leave them in the common areas.

31.  Fire Alarm

On one occasion, someone set the alarm off in his apartment, panicked and tried to take the detector off. As this was wilful damage, he had to pay the call out charge of £275.00 + parts + vat. Very unnecessary and a waste of money!

If you accidentally set your alarm off by say burning a piece of toast, your detector will show a red light and the alarm will sound for between 90 seconds to 2 minutes in your Apartment only. This will give you time to open doors and windows to clear the smoke. But please hurry up.

After 2 minutes, the alarm in the whole building will sound. Should this happen, go to the panel, situated in the corridor on the ground floor next to the laundry and Press the buttons 1, 2, 3 & 4 followed by the Enter button followed by the blue silence button.

Once your place is cleared of smoke, come back and press 1, 2, 3 & 4 followed by Enter, then the reset button.

If the heat detector in your kitchen has been activated, or any of the smoke detectors in the common areas, or indeed if the break-glass has been activated, there won’t be a two-minute warning.

The general sounder will automatically come on. In this case, or if the bells are ringing and it is not in your Apartment, the coloured zones will tell you where the alarm has been activated. Please investigate the source and DO NOT reset the alarm before you are satisfied that the alarm is false


Please keep fire doors shut at all times. In case of fire, the assembly point is the main lawn. The fire alarm system is modern. If you do have a real fire, or the break glass is activated, the alarm will automatically be activated in the whole building and everyone will have to be evacuated.


·       Sound the Alarm by activating any break glass.

Dial 999 to call the Fire Brigade

Attack the fire if possible, using the appliances provided in the corridors.

Nominate 2 people (one on the first floor and one on the ground floor) to knock loudly at the front doors of each Apartment and get everyone out of the building.

The Assembly point:

Once it is certain that everyone is out of the building DO NOT RE-ENTER the Building; please stay in the front garden and direct the fire brigade to the location of the fire.

On hearing the alarm:

·    Leave the building by NEAREST AVAILABLE route. All escape routes have fire doors with “Fire Exit” signs above them.

·    CLOSE all doors behind you.

·    Report to the assembly point on the main lawn.

·    Do not take risks.

·     Do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so.

·     When the fire brigade arrives, OBBEY the fire offices’ instructions – they are the experts and know what they are doing.

32.  Personal Possessions

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of your personal possessions; this includes in the grounds and car-park. Please ensure you have the correct insurance in place.

33.  Rubbish

The Rubbish Keep, to include the recycling bins, are at the top of the car park near Car-Parking Slot No 16, by the barn, behind the low wooden fence. Please take your rubbish to the bins for disposal. Do not leave rubbish in your accommodation it is insanitary and will attract Mice and Rats.

34.  Contacting us

Please email us at apartments@fastlet.com or send a text on 07748472965.

35.  Check out

Apartments are to be vacated by 10am on the last day of residence. Please arrange with the office for a representative to meet with you. Some people leave early or the day before; If for any reason you are unable to vacate your Apartment at 10am on your intended day of departure

You will be charged for an extra night.

 36. Refund of deposit if paid:

 Please note we let by the full week only, not part thereof. 

After you have checked out, your accommodation will be inspected and the contract cleaners will complete the cleaning, laundering and ironing and read the meter.

Refunds are Charged at £20.00 when payment is refunded.

Please ensure you take all your personal possessions with you. Check all drawers, wardrobes etc.

Photographs will be taken by us prior to the check out clean. For health and safety reasons this will be a very thorough clean. You are welcome to take your own pictures for reference.

Pet owners should see the Pet Policy in this agreement for deposit information.

37.  Inventory

Check your inventory to ensure everything is present and correct.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need clarification of the above.

Email:  apartments@fastlet.com Tel: 01293 851247

37.  Pet Policy

A £250 damage deposit is required for any pets staying with you at any time.

You agree to arrange for professional cleaners to clean your accommodation on the day of vacating and provide proof to us.

You can only bring your dog with our consent.

Carylls Country House recognises that pets are considered part of our guests’ family and allows 1 dog per ground floor apartment at no extra charge.

If you have more than 1 dog special permission is needed.

We do not allow puppies or dogs who are not house trained.

Please keep your pets under control, exercised off the premises, kept out of bedrooms and off the furniture.

Do not leave your pets unattended in the Apartment. Any complaints about dog noise or barking will result in you being asked to remove your dogs from the premises.

Keep your dogs on a leash in the grounds at all times and accompanied at all times both in the grounds and the common areas.

Pick up after your pet and dispose of the excreta in a hygienic way in the bins at the top of the car park. 

Pets are to be toileted at the top of the car park adjacent to the parking slot number 15 – nowhere else especially on the lawns please as these are designated children play areas.

Please do not allow your pets on the furniture, use a throw to cover the furniture if the pets have been allowed to do this previously.

When you vacate, we will arrange for a certified outside contractor to carry out the final thorough cleaning of your accommodation and issue a certificate to ensure that future guests with allergies have no problems after your departure. This includes carpets and beddings. A charge will be levied.

Any damage incurred is your responsibility. If a pet deposit has been paid the costs of repair and remediation will be deducted from your deposit.  If no pet deposit was charged then you will be liable for these costs and a charge will be made against your registered payment method. 

38. Electrical Appliances
You must not bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous materials or equipment, including electrical appliances onto the premises. When using electrical appliances please ensure you:
Turn appliances off at night and when out of the apartment e.g. washer/dryer, chargers & hair straighteners.
Don’t overload washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers.
Don’t overload sockets with too many appliances. Especially for appliances with a high electrical current rating (Kettles, irons & heaters etc.).
Keep heaters clear and instruct guests not to use them to dry clothes.

Carylls Country House.