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Residents staying at Carylls are generally from professional backgrounds. We don’t take DSS, Social Services Referrals, Asylum seekers, people in receipt of Universal credit, housing benefit etc

There are a number of people, working in the locality, who live beyond commuting distance and are unable to get home in the evening. They generally work at Gatwick airport, Crawley or Horsham and tend to use their accommodation at Carylls as a second home for the duration of their work contract, which could be anything from a week to a year. They generally go home the weekend.

Having said that, we do have people who choose to stay at Carylls permanently. Especially those who are weekly paid.

People who:

Don’t want to live with a landlady.
Are weekly paid and enjoys the all-inclusive charges (except for electricity)
Don’t want to live in a shared house, sharing toilets, showers, kitchens etc.
Don’t want to or are unable to enter into a 6 months contract with a landlord.

Those who are on training contracts of 8 to 12 weeks enjoy staying at Carylls (because of its self-catering facilities) instead of a hotel or local B&B. Amongst these are pilots, Air stewardess, and air stewards.

Contractors/builders from abroad.
Families who are in between houses.
People who are emigrating to England.
contractors working in the area who like to have the family staying with them during the days off and weekends.
Workmen sharing an apartment.
People who have had emergencies at home, such as flood or fire. We deal with the claim for those covered with home insurance for alternative accommodation; once we have ascertained that they have alternative insurance cover. Most insurance cover for temporary accommodation, some of them have alternative accommodation clause – please check your documents carefully.

With regret we don’t take DSS, Social Services funded clients, People on universal credits, Housing benefits etc as it affects our insurance premium.

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