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There is a variety of people staying at Carylls, mainly professionals.

We don’t have anyone funded by DSS, Social Services, Universal Credit or house Asylum seekers.

Amongst our clients are those:

  • Looking for a permanent place to stay with no bills (except for electricity which is supplied by smart meter topped up via the app)
  • Between houses – having sold their property, they are looking for a new home or waiting for builders to finish works on it.
  • Working in the area but living beyond commuting distance – contractors living far away (e.g. Manchester), cannot get home after work, as they are working in the locality of Crawley, Horsham and Gatwick. The use the accommodation at Carylls as a second home and tend to go home the weekends.
  • Emergencies such as flooding or fire at home whereby they need somewhere for the family to stay until builders have completed their remedial work. Generally, the accommodation is paid by their insurance. Carylls will deal directly with the insurance company to save you the bother.
  • Have builders at home carrying out renovation works.
  • Relocating to the area.
  • Call Michael on (01293) 851247 for availability and best prices
  • Email me: