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Carylls is situated in the village of Faygate, near the towns of Horsham, Crawley and Gatwick.

There is a convenient store by the train station in Faygate, and another one in the next village of Rusper.

Broadfield is 7 minutes by car from Carylls, (3.6 miles away). There are several shops: Broadfields Home Care,  Kamsons Pharmacy, Superdrug, Iceland Foods, Pound shop, Lethal Auto Design Ltd etc

Bewbush is 6 minutes by car from Carylls, (3.1 miles away). Again there are several shops: The Co-operative Food,  Manning Pharmacy, Smokeys · Convenience Store etc

West Green – Sainsbury’s ( 3.4 miles), Crawley Avenue, Crawley RH10 8NF

And of course, you have the nearby towns of Horsham, Crawley, Horley and East-Grinstead

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