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Choosing Carylls generally proves to be the right decision for location, comfort and cost for your company in need of tradesmen accommodation. 4 workmen sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with twin beds in each room, will only cost £85.00 per night (just over £20.00 per person per night). Shared beds for contractors are cost-effective unless you want to choose a hotel as oppose to self-catering builders accommodation. At Carylls they will enjoy all the comfort, self-catering facilities, broadband etc. Their tools at the back of their vans will be safe in the onsite carpark. Tradesmen accommodation is probably one of our prime lettings. We always seem to have a bunch of them staying whatever time of the year it is. There are very few places (except for hotels and guest houses) around that have a number of workmen accommodations all in one site (contractors accommodation tend to be scattered in different parts of town).

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