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We have a large number of people who come to stay at Carylls because they live beyond commuting distance to their work. Travelling time and cost of fuel covers your cost of staying at Carylls. You basically treat your accommodation at Carylls has a second home, where, comes Friday, you can leave the belonging behind, go home to your family for the weekend and come back on Sunday afternoon/night ready for work on Monday morning. It makes sense for you to choose Carylls instead of staying in a local hotel for various reasons:

  • When you get home, you don’t have to spend the whole weekend looking around for availability in hotels for your next weeks’ stay, checking up prices, checking the distance to work, find the location of the hotel, checking parking facilities (at Carylls they get their own allocated parking space) etc.
  • You don’t need to lead the nomadic life of jumping from one hotel to another.
  • You have a choice of coming back on a Sunday afternoon/night or Monday morning, depending on their commitments at home.
  • At Carylls you know that you can self-cater, even microwave meals are better than eating out every night or live on takeaways.
  • Unlike living with a landlady, at Carylls you have their own personal space where nobody knocks at the door, nobody bothers you at any time of the day or night. The choice is totally yours whether they want to make friends with the other residents or not.

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