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Over the years we have had a number of people emigrating to England from all over the world.

Lately, we have had an influx of South Africans coming over. Whether you are single, single-parent, or have a family, we can accommodate you at Carylls. You will get an instant weekly let apartment where you can self-cater for your family and yourself. Generally, immigrants, come over and stay with us for a few weeks with the intention of buying a new house nearby.

Having the flexibility of staying at Carylls, give them the opportunity to settle in their new country of residence, get the children to school, and start applying for work. You can book your stay in advance by debit card or credit card and you only need to book 1 week at a time. Call me on (+441293) 851247 and I will guide you the accommodation to match your needs, a studio, a one bedroom apartment, a superior one bedroom apartment, a two bedroom apartment. I will tell you the exact weekly price (look at cost and finance for guidance) and that’s it. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will have a roof over your head; a home instead of a hotel room.

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and leave your details. This will give you access to all the accommodations on offer, plans, dimensions, description, prices and a lot more.

 Call Michael on (01293) 851247 for availability and best prices

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