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Your weekly charge is inclusive of every bill except for electricity. Carylls does not have direct landlord electricity supply. Every studio and apartment at Carylls has been individually rewired providing your unit of accommodation with its own smart meter installation. The amount of credit or debit is displayed on your meter in pounds and pennies for easy reading. How much does it cost depends directly on your usage.

When you book your apartment, you top up your meter with £50 worth of electricity using your phone when you have downloaded the app. The top-up is applied by text direct from the supplier to your meter without needing access to your apartment. If you forget to top up your electricity, and you run out, there is an orange emergency button on your meter which when pressed will give you a £10 emergency credit payable when you next top up your meter – we advise you to top up, immediately so that you don’t run out altogether having used the emergency supply.

Electricity can be topped up during office hours only 9am-4pm Monday to Friday. When you vacate, whatever credit is left on your meter will be refunded to you along with any other refunds within seven days.

Download the app from the app store or play store.

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