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How much will it cost to stay for a week in a furnished apartment at Carylls ( Country House?

One of the first and most important question on people’s mind is:

How much will it cost them to stay for a week?
Then they go on to other questions such as:
What is included?
How long can I stay?
Where is Carylls Country House?
How far is it from Crawley, Horsham?
Is broadband included?
and lots more?

In this document, I have answered all your questions one at a time so that you can make an informed choice.

When it comes to prices, although this is a very difficult question to answer satisfactorily due to the variety of fully furnished accommodation we offer and our unique let by the week, I will do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines. Is fair to say that Carylls Country House has eradicated buyers’ remorse by charging you just one week at a time. Which means that however long you plan to stay, you are only committed to one week at a time. We can afford to do this because we want you to have confidence in our products and services.

All the studios and apartments are located in the one building at Carylls Country House. With various options available, price varies. Of course, it depends whether you want a studio, 1 bedroom apartment, premium 1 bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, an apartment with its own private garden etc.

We at Carylls realise that people have individual needs, and have therefore attempted to cover a variety of facilities and options to meet your needs. Whatever you decide to occupy will be your home for the duration of your stay, therefore you want to make an informed choice. However, once you are at Carylls, you can upgrade or downgrade to suit your needs and budget. You can move from a studio to a 1-bed apartment etc depending on availability. Quite rightly so, some people generally focus on price initially albeit they sometimes set their goals on the cheapest property available therefore sacrificing security, exclusivity, safety and comfort which inevitably leads to regret. Not at Carylls though, you will always enjoy security, exclusivity, safety and comfort whatever you choose to occupy.   Most people base their decisions on their budgets, needs and comfort.

A single studio will generally cost £40.00 (all-inclusive except for electricity) per night albeit you will get a discount of about £40.00 per week if you stay for 13 weeks or longer. When you book a 13 weeks’ stay, you will still be charge week by week but you will need to lodge in a debit and credit card in order that, should circumstances change and you can’t stay for the 13 weeks agreed term, Carylls will recuperate the shortfall. Say you are only able to stay three weeks (of an agreed 13 weeks) and need to leave, Carylls can revert back to the £40 per night charge and collect the shortfall of £120 from your card. The £40.00 is for week by week booking, meaning you pay one week at a time (in advance).

The studio is for 1 person. However, a double studio for 1 or 2 persons will be larger and have a double bed. Please bear in mind that a studio is one self-contained room with integral breakfast cooking facility and an en-suite toilet, shower room. There are two communal kitchens with 4 ring cookers and ovens for you to use and there are no charges for the electricity in the kitchens. All we ask everyone to do is clean up after themselves. The studios are good value for money as you will enjoy the same inclusive benefits of broadband, free car parking, and so on, just the same as residents who are paying £85 per night for a two-bedroom apartment. Please note that we are an accommodation to rent as opposed to a service apartments provider.

Generally, people:

  • living beyond commuting distance, miles away from home, who are on a work contract in the locality (working at Gatwick airport, Crawley or Horsham), tend to use the studio as a second home for the duration of the work contract, which could be anything from a week to a year. They go home at the weekend. It is on par with rooms to rent in Crawley and Horsham.
  • Having said that, we do have people who stay in their studio permanently especially those who are weekly paid.
  • Don’t want to live with a landlady who has cheap accommodation, a bedroom to let in their house.
  • Don’t want to live in a shared house, sharing toilets, showers, kitchens
  • Don’t want to enter into a 6 months contract with a landlord.
  • Others who are on training contracts of 8 to 12 weeks enjoy staying at Carylls ( (because of its self-catering facilities) instead of a hotel or local B&

An economical one-bedroom apartment is from £50.00 per night and suitable for 2 people. If you are staying for a number of weeks; they are great value and comfort, which means that you won’t have to eat and sleep in the same room as you would with a studio. They are popular with people who are:

  • All the above plus.
  • In between houses,
  • Contractors,
  • or generally for people who just don’t want to stay in one room.

The premium one-bedroom apartments are around £70-75 per night. They are much more spacious, have bed settees for extra guests, better breakfast making facilities. These are suitable for those who enjoy a touch of luxury and enjoy having friends staying. They beat hotel accommodation hands down, with regards to space and comfort.

The two-bedroom apartments are around £85 per night. They tend to be occupied:

  • By families who are in between houses,
  • Who are relocating to England,
  • Contractors working in the area who like to have the family staying with them during their days off and weekends,
  • Contractors are always on the lookout for furnished properties to rent. Sharing an apartment. At £85.00 per night, 4 of them are only paying just over £20.00 per night for a good standard property.
  • People who have had emergencies at home such as flood and fire (we did our work with the insurance companies for payment)

Apartments with private gardens. Carylls Country House provides dog friendly accommodation We have three apartments with their own private gardens which are nice for people who bring their dogs. The gardens are fenced which means that they can just open the front door in the mornings & evenings and let the dog out without supervision. We do not charge for dog’s staying, and provide a separate “dog agreement”.  Your pets stay at no extra charge.

Initially, you pay a one-off £65 towards your agreement, £50 towards your prepaid electricity (any leftover credit is refunded to you at the end of your stay), £50 towards your end of the stay cleaning (again any leftover credit is refunded to you at the end of your stay). When you vacate, you receive a final account which is a refund of electricity credit + leftover cleaning deposit minus cleaning and any breakages (if any) charged, and the money is refunded to you within seven days.

Don’t be afraid to click on prices & contact us tab and complete the fill in your details this will give you access to all the apartments and studios available, the sizes, prices, plans and much more. You can also mail me directly on with your query or telephone me on (01293) 851247 (asked for Michael) and I will let you know what is available and what is the best price I can achieve your apartment for you. I can alter the price advertised by looking carefully as to what options and apartment available, and what is the best package that would suit you whilst maintaining all the benefits available to you. This flexibility leads to less stress and more savings for you the customer.

Call Michael on (01293) 851247 for availability and best prices; 

Email me:

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