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Payment can be made by debit card, credit card (there are no surcharges for credit cards) or cash. As well as your agreement, you will receive a receipt for your first payment by email. You will also receive a hard copy of your record of payment sheet.

This is for you to complete and keep track of each and every payment you make. You will know exactly how much you paid, when, for what period, how much electricity payment you made, check out clean payment and much more. Accounts at Carylls, keep an identical form in order that there can be no mistake made on your payments. This sheet will match your bank payments entries and will give you peace of mind.

Bacs transfer: we don’t encourage bank transfer for the simple reason that until payment has reached our account your apartment will not be booked. However, the facility is still on offer. We will provide you with our bank details to include the IBAN number and advise you to use fast pay.   We still need you to lodge in a valid credit card in order that breakages can be charged for. £1 it is normally taken from your card in order to check its authentication.

Call Michael on (01293) 851247 for availability and best price;

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