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Albeit  Studio rooms are cheaper, they are good value for money, costing only cost £40 per night. They serve well, to those who are:

  • Working in the area  but living beyond commuting distance
  • On short-term work or training contracts
  • Needing a break from their relationship
  • On a budget
  • and others

In general, they are called one room kitchen apartment featuring a hall come bedroom, including an ensuite shower room and in-room kitchenette – comfortable for 1 or 2 people. No more.

Put the link below in your browser and you will be taken to the contact page.


and leave your details.

You will be taken to all the accommodations on offer at Carylls to include the 5 studio rooms. There are 2 double studios suitable for a couple sharing and 3 single suitable for 1 person each in total. This will give you access to the description, the floor plan, dimension, and lots more information. When you go on the page, lookup studios number: 6 (S), 7 (D), 8 (S), 12 (D), and 23 (S). Call me on (01293) 851247 and I will tell you what is available.

A double studio will take two adults and a single one will take 1 adult.

Call Michael on (01293) 851247 for availability and best prices

Email me: