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We at Carylls like to think that we provide a safe environment for you.

Carylls complies with all the fire precautions, has fire doors, mains operated fire alarm systems, loft insulation, fire extinguishers and escape route. The equipment and systems in place are checked weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and 12 monthly; records are kept.

Extinguishers and the alarm system are serviced by qualified engineer according to recommendations by the fire service.

We abide by the fire safety regulations for commercial landlords and carry out our responsibilities of private landlords diligently.

As directed by the fire service, smoking, open flame devices such as candles are prohibited anywhere inside the accommodation and building. Ashtrays are provided outside the front and back door.

We also have various CCTV cameras installed all around the building and carpark to deter unwanted visitors.

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