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We are not a Nursing or Residential Home and we are not care providers. However, we like to think that that we offer a homely environment for everyone who stays at Carylls to include those who are in need of home care with their visiting carers. Our two-bedroom apartments are suitable for clients who need “live in” carers as they provide a separate bedroom for the carer. There is always a shortage of help for the elderly living at home. Providing home care for the elderly in their own home is not always possible if, for example, their accommodation has stairs, lack of aids etc.

Within our large car park, we have installed a wheelchair ramp to overcome the three steps leading up to the next level of the garden, where at the side of the building we have provided access to a number of ground floor apartments whose front doors open directly on to the garden. Carylls goes a fair way towards providing disabled self-catering access to some of the ground floor apartments.

We currently have someone who is terminally ill; he has carers visiting 2 to 3 times daily albeit he is ambulant. Social services made all the arrangements for his home care package. He has a two bedroom apartment for when the time comes for him to have a live-in carer.

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