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All the payments, whether it’s by debit card, credit card or cash are recorded and receipted. On arrival, you will receive a hard copy of your “Excel weekly record of payment sheet” for you to track each payment you make. It will be in a plastic re-usable envelope posted under your door.

Payment by Cash:

If you decide to pay by cash, insert your payment in the envelope, along with the record of payment sheet and post it in the deep safe, in the door marked “internal mail” opposite the bottom of the stairs in the front hall. If you’re unsure which door, please ask a member of staff to show you.

Payment by Card:

If you pay by card, your bank statement will act as your receipt, but it would be a good idea for you to complete your record payment sheet as well. The sheet tells you at a glance everything you need to know about your payments to Carylls and more: the period from, the period to,  plus other useful information, such as date of start, electricity payment,  cleaning deposit and so on.

The accounts office keeps an identical record of payment sheet in case you have any queries.  We are keen to avoid mistakes on your payment. This added process goes a long way to avoid errors and ensures that you pay the correct amount each time.

In order to claim your expenses, you can use the record of payment sheet, your bank account entries or of course ask the accounts office to let you have a receipt for the period covering the length of stay at Carylls.

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