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We at Carylls will always listen to your offer. For example, individuals, as well as companies, do approach with “Bulk purchase”. They offer to prepay the accommodation for whatever length of time they need it and we calculate the best discount we can offer them. We have a Polish company who prepay their worker’s 6 months stay every year from May to October when they supply staff for Pickford’s.

Our studios or let at £40 per night; our apartments are from £55 – 85 per night all-inclusive (except for your smart metered electricity). Considering, there are no deposits, no agent fees, you just pay 1 week in advance, a small fee of £65.00 for your agreement, and that is it; nothing else. Minimum let is 1 full week – 7 nights and your charges are fully inclusive of everything except for your electricity which is prepaid via your app and supplied to you via your smart meter. You discharge your account weekly by debit card, credit card (no 2.5% surcharge is levied) or even cash. What you get is good value.

However, we are not the cheapest. If you do need cheaper accommodation, do take the time to carry out a google search:….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.10.675…0.0.HRqHxh_d028….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.30.1931…0j35i39k1j0i131k1j0i67k1j0i10k1j0i22i30k1j0i22i10i30k1j0i13k1j0i8i13i30k1.0.hn9qpcI0kL8

studio to rent in whichever locality, Crawley, Horsham, Horley, Haywards Heath and so on

You are bound to find accommodation cheaper. Do include gumtree, the Travel Lodge and flatshare in your search.

If you need somewhere instantly, from today and you find that our charges are above your budget, do try one of the cheap hotels. please do check the reviews.

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