Moving house can be an exciting but all the same stressful time. The last thing you want, is to be without a roof over your head. We often hear from people that are in between properties due to a variety of reasons;

Selling before looking for another property

Many people sell the home they are currently in at the same time as purchasing their new property. While being in a chain can have some advantages it is not suited to everybody. Selling your home before you buy can put you in a much better position when negotiating the purchase of your next house for example. Or sometimes you have no choice but to let the sale of your property go through albeit your new home is not ready for you to move in. Carylls instant let, open ended stay is a good solution to broken chains.

New property isn’t ready to live in yet

We often hear from people that are looking for flexible accommodation as either their new-build has not been completed yet or works are being carried out on their new property such as decorating or building work.

Delays with conveyancing

There can be a number of reasons for your expected completion date to be moved; mortgage complications, delays with the vendors chain, waiting for searches or enquiries. Whatever the reasons, you do not need the added worry of knowing if you will have a place to live during what is usually a difficult and stressful time. Let your sale go through, move into Carylls awating your purchase.

A unique solution

The options available to people in these circumstances are limited; stay with family or friends, renting, hotel, holiday accommodation etc. Each option has its drawbacks. Perhaps you are not in a position to give an end date to your stay, perhaps you do not want to or just cant be tied in to a 6 month contract or maybe you have a growing family and need extra space for your stay.

Carylls Country House is the perfect temporary housing choice for those looking for spacious, affordable, temporary accommodation. Carylls provides you with the freedom of staying in one of our en-suite rooms or self-catering apartments with open ended stay arrangement. You just renew your stay on a weekly basis and there are no commitments to lengthy contracts.

If you’re in-between properties, looking for extra space, comfort and flexibility, contact Carylls Country House today.