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Finding a dog friendly apartment to rent

The UK is a nation of dog lovers – over 25% of UK households have a dog. But why is it that so many landlords in the private sector make it difficult, expensive or sometimes impossible for you to rent an apartment when so many of us consider our dogs as part of the family?

Recommendation for Carylls Country House

I am a housing co-ordinator advising health & social care professionals on housing issues related to health. One such issue is delayed hospital discharge: where a person may be medically fit, but for whatever reason cannot return home, or their previous home is no longer suitable for their needs

Shortage of Hospital Beds in the UK

Right now, there is a crisis. There is a shortage of hospital beds in the UK, with an urgent solution desperately needed.

The UK has the least number of hospital beds per person out of practically every country in the West. This leaves the UK to be in a similar situation as India, Indonesia, and Mexico. Countries such as Germany and France have over twice as many hospital beds per person. The levels of overcrowding in NHS hospitals have gone beyond the safety limits.

How do you cope with builders at home?

Should I renovate my house? Home renovation has become a normal phenomenon among many British citizens. Everyone has a reason for renovating their home. Some do it due to the growing number in their family, some to increase the phase value of their property and some to make their home look more modern, homely and to their taste. Others have made a business out of buying properties in need of refurbishment at a cheap price with the notion of renovating them to save money and sell them at a later date hopefully to make a good profit.